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Discussion created by cjkatl on Feb 26, 2012
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Just when it seemed the Marriott Website couldn't get any worse, Marriott pushes through another update that achieves the seemingly impossible.


Marriott, your Website has gone from horrible to where being horrible would be an achievement. The floating box for account information makes a difficult site even harder and less intuitive to use.


I needed to send a request for missing stay credit. The link that was previous on the site has disappeared. I emailed. Your helpful (that's sarcasm) techs gave me directions to where the link used to be, but couldn't be bothered to actually check to see if the link was actually there. Your Website wasted my time, and your auto-response wasted more of my time when I again confirmed the link is gone.


Just because the programmers can create a site with lots of distractions doesn't mean they should. Simple, clean and easy to use is better for customers than gimmicky, cluttered and requiring lots of hunting to find what you need. You might think that having all that noise on your site will lead to people spending more money with Marriott, but the truth is, clutter will drive away more customers.


Please, please, please help out your customers by going back to the simple, easy to use site you had two years ago.


Thank you for letting me rant.