Frustrated to the point of calling Hilton to inquire about switching

Discussion created by jroes006 on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2012 by jasper100

For the first time I actually called Hilton to discuss their program and see if it was worth switching.  They will bump me to Diamond Status immediately and from what my co workers say they actually get acknowledged when they enter the hotel.  Besides collecting more points I rarely see the benefits with being a Platinum Premier.  Half the time it isn't even noted and I've only been upgraded a hand full of times.  Upgrades aren't a big deal for me when I travel, but it's just me so any room will do.  My issue is when I actually want to vacation and get an upgrade for my family good luck.  The program should allow for a number of suite upgrades after 100 nights stayed or something.  Two guaranteed upgrades a year would satisfy me.  For now I am going to get bumped to the diamond status for Hilton and try out a few of their hotels to see what I think.  We shall see where it goes from there....