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MARRIOTT CONCIERGE or someone from Marriott - can you help?


Stayed at the
Marriott Regents Park, London (should really be called the Marriott Swiss
Cottage, as thats where it really is) for 1 night on the 11th Feb using an
online offer which gives a wonderful 10,000 points for the stay.


My base
points and Plat bonus were posted the day after checkout but no sign of the
10,000. As I am one of many who have issues with getting their points credited
correctly, I decided to phone the front desk of the hotel. A helpful young lady
(who actually checked me out the day before) didnt know anything about the offer
and had to look it up by choosing a future weekend date to show the offer was
still live. She said that the details would be passed to Marriott rewards and
posted in a few days. As nothing happened i emailed the front desk manager - no


After a week I emailed Marriott rewards but it has still not
been done, so yesterday I phoned Marriott rewards and they said as it was a
hotel promotion for that particular hotel then the property itself must post the
bonus points and they would contact them to get the points credited. I emailed
the assistant front desk manager again - still no response (and there has been
no out of office reply either).


Now getting very cheesed off with this.
Why oh why, do customers have to keep chasing Marriott for points/nights that
are due to them? This happens all too often. Why aren't these things automated
like airlines? I have no problems with any other provider of reward schemes
except Marriott.