Parisian Dining, C-E!

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Again welcome all to contribute to this post!  These are just my opinion based upon my experiences.  I am not a professional, but I did train to cook in France, and was an officer in the French food society.  That just means, "I am not an expert on wine, but can smell, what I don't like"!  Or, as my chef instructor, once said, "Good food deserves Champagne, BAD food DEMANDS it"!


Here are some places you may enjoy, and some I would not recommend;


There is only one thing on the menu here, and you have three choices, rare, medium or well done, but I go on every trip to Paris.  Across from the RER station Port Mallot. Nice long walk from the Marriott C-E, not so far from The Ren. AdT.  Get there early, they also serve lunch, they don't take reservations.  Inexpensive, and great salad and fries, they do bring you comped "Seconds".  A popular place for Parisians.



Here's another place that is across the street from the Marriott C-E, that is really good.  This is a photo from inside The Alsace, looking on the C-E.  Note, the Lamb and halibut as well as the French bread.


IMG_1044.JPGIMG_1045.JPGDSCN0080_0066.jpgThese are two very nice "Local" places just a block or so behind The Alsace.  You might have seen one of them in "Midnight in Paris".


Here are a few other places,  If you like real sidewalk places, try a place that sits a few blocks away, behind the C-E.  Likewise, I think Fouquet's is a "Big deal, not worth it.  Other places that are "Big deals" and worth it, Guy Savoy's, La Maree (Seafood), I have posted previous pictures, so will not post them here.  Enjoy!