$1000 Worth of Marriott Gift Checks Not All They are Cracked Up to Be

Discussion created by jfgunner on Feb 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2013 by d20513

So I cashed is 135,000 point to get Fifty $20 Marriott gift Checks.  Let me tell you about my first experience using them...


First I  found out that you can't use them if you have booked a AAA rate of a Marriott Rewards rate.  You can only use them on "pubically available rates" .  OK great.   I booked my 2 nights at a Fairlfield Inn for $84/nt instead of $79/night.  No big deal. 


Apparently you don't earn Points on your purchase either....


For $84/night I should have earned the following:


$84 X 2 = $168 x 10 pts/dollar = 1680 X 1.5 platinum bonus = 2520 + 200 platinum arrival gift = 2720 points.



Instead I got the following:


$168 - $50 = $18 x 10 pts/dollar = $180 X 1.5 platinum bonus = 270 + 200 platinum arrival bonus =  470 points


So, due to the restrictions on their use, I paid $10 total more for the room and got 2200 less points. 


By making the reward so restrictive, they have made it much less of a good deal. 


I wanted to make people aware of this in case this figures into your decision to get this "reward"