"green" receipt initiatives

Discussion created by allyson on Feb 19, 2012
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Has anyone else run into hotels that are no longer delivering copies of your bill to the room?


I was advised by a RI recently that they are stopping delivery to the rooms as part of a green initiative.  They didn't offer the ability to check your folio on the TV prior to check-out.  So at check-out I had to stop at the desk and request a print out so I could verify the charges.  Unique, but at least I was advised up front when I checked in.  Guess it saves paper as maybe a few people are okay presumming the bill will be correct and/or  trying to resolve it after the receipt arrives.


Then at my next stay, a RI didn't deliver a copy of my bill to my room.  Nothing advised upfront... the papers were in a stack at the desk like they had been run but no attempt to deliver.


Has anyone else run into this?  How do you feel about the approach of you'll see the billing details when you get your e-mailed receipt a few days after departure? 


I would prefer to be aware of and, if needed, question any discrepancies before check-out.  I also need to get my expense reports filed and would rather not wait for the e-mail and then potential delays if errors are found at that point.  I've had several occassions where I've found erronous charges on my bill, at check out and/or items added after I'd checked out (i.e. parking charges... when parking was specifically included in my room rate)>


Your thoughts?