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Looking for advice for family vacation using Marriott Rewards points

Question asked by michiganpete on Feb 18, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by kristyw

I have 300,000+ Marriott Rewards points, saving up initially for a nice trip to Hawaii with my spouse.   I still might do that, but am also thinking it might be more fun to take my family to someplace overseas.  I have a family of 5 (kids ranging in age from 10-16), and thinking Europe might be fun.   This might be a wish and a prayer, but hoping Marriott Rewards can take the sting out of the cost.   I'm not an expert on options using Marriott Rewards, so most of my searches for a location OUS (outside of US) only provide for one Marriott property.   Honestly, I don't want to stay at one Marriott Property if traveling OUS, we want to travel, even if it's within the same country.    I'm also guessing choosing hotels in various cities a la carte is the most expensive option.   I would love to hear from other Rewards users who have taken their family overseas using Rewards points.   Any suggestions on how to maximize/stretch Rewards points while visiting multiple cities?    Thank you.