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Do you remember the survey question about cost?

Question asked by anadyr on Feb 18, 2012
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Is anyone old enough to remember the surveys that we got in the mail from Marriott Corporation after every stay – – this goes back to the 1980s late 1980s and through the 1990s? Within that survey there were a series of questions with a combination of sub questions saying in essence at what point does a room become too expensive to stay and at what point does it become too inexpensive to stay in? I guess with survey producers were getting at was what is the target price that you associate with a Marriott room at this time?


like many things we took for granted, the surveys are no longer mailed. And have become much less frequent. unless I am mistaken I do not recall receiving a question on any survey from Marion voice or with regard to your recent stay that asked the question about cost and implied value of the cost of a room. Seems to me that the cost of the room is inexorably tied to the value of the room – – we stay at Motel 6 with few expectations of luxury. We stay at Ritz-Carlton with every expectation of luxury. And so it goes.