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Discussion created by madsen on Feb 16, 2012
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So sorry to hear that I need a last name initial.  We just spent 2 nights at the Fairfield Tampa Fairgrounds/Casino.  Our handicapped lift broke and we needed to use the shuttle to get to the Fairgrounds.  First Michael offer to help get the scooter into the shuttle.  Later Becca came and helped us get the scooter back in the shuttle and back at the motel Damian helped get the scooter from the shuttle into our van.  This was above and beyond what we expected and allowed us to go to the fair and enjoy the day.  The entire front staff was awesome and we would recommend this motel to anyone and we will certainly stay there again when in the are.  I hope they can be recognized with just the first names.  They are truly assets to a superb motel.  Thanks to all of them!