Check this out--brand ID and Value for 2012 revealed

Discussion created by anadyr on Feb 15, 2012

According to a recent survey:


For all 46 brands tracked in the Travel-Related Products and Services category, attributes relating to “brand value” and “personal services” are exerting the strongest impact on customer decision-making, category-expectations, and engagement with brands.

While expectation levels for delight vary by category, brands in the Travel-Related Products and Services category that were best at creating customer delight are:

Day’s Inn

“Consumer expectations have been accelerating for some time,” said Robert Passikoff, president, Brand Keys. “Many industry pundits have looked at the pressures on price and drew the erroneous conclusion that brands have lost their value. Quite the opposite is true. Real brands are more valuable than ever. We need only look to the continuing success of luxury brands as evidence. Brands that lack meaningful differentiation are being punished by the economic and behavioral shifts, becoming ‘category placeholders’ because consumers do not look for commodities in their search for delight.”

As Consumers Change, Categories Change – Brands Must Change

“Brand Keys CLEI data predicts emerging trends in the consumer marketplace. Every category we can compare to last year shows a rise in either the “importance of” or “increased expectations” when it comes to the brand-based attributes that most strongly impact the customer experience. In short, things that generate delight,” noted Brand Keys’ Passikoff.