Parisian Dining, Montmartre!

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Great values, inspiring atmosphere.  Hope this is of some interest to all.  A couple of tips,  1. Caution to the "Hawker's" that want to sell you jewelry that surround the area, they can get hostile.  Likewise, you will be approached by numerous "Artists", who will want to sketch you or your loved ones.  They are very negotiable, but if you don't want this service, just say "Non"!.  Lastly, do not make the mistake, I have made more than once, avoid the area on holidays (May 1st, was overwhelming!), and try to stay away on week-ends if you can.  And be cautious of pick-pockets and purse snatchers. 


Sorry about that "Information", but it is a wonderful place to visit.  If you take the Metro or Bus, be prepared for a steep uphill walk.  Try the trolly, taxi, or other means of getting up the hill.


Sacr'e Coeur is lovely and enjoy visiting the chapel, or attend a service there.


This little place, La Poubot, was rated the "Best Value" in Paris, It is close to the "Dali Museum", and is literally a "Mom and Pop" place.  Give yourself about three hours for lunch, so do not be in a hurry.  The price for a three course meal, made from scratch, is about 15 eu, or around $20.  Everything is charming about the little place. Note, some random pictures of the area, including Parisian "Fashion".  Likewise, consider having the Marriott Concierge have a taxi take you directly to Sacr'e Coeur, and then walk to these little places.




Across the street is another inexpensive place I like to have fish and chips.  You can see the name in red, Le Consulat.  First beer in two years, I used to enjoy my Bud Light!




This La Boheme, is another inexpensive place to dine outside!  Bon Appetit'.