Parisian Dining, Rive Gauche!

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Hope you will enjoy this, and please contribute, if anyone has more to add!


Some places I have pictures for and some (Before Digital Cameras) I don't.


Within a block, toward the river, from Notre Dame, is a favorite "Cheap", stop for me, Quasimodo's.  Inexpensive, sidewalk cafe, with free bathrooms downstairs.  A respite, after  seeing the cathedral and sitting for a refreshment or snack.  You can easily walk to the Latin Quarter from here, and there are some great ice cream places just behind this location.  Enjoy, picture #2 of the Latin Quarter, "How about some H-D Ice Cream?" #3 is a great Oyster Bar, on Rue St.Germaine, they shuck them outside and bring them to you fresh. #4, a famous place across the street from another famous place. Lipp's, try to dine at both places.  Enjoy a nice long walk from ND, up Rue St. Germaine, and back across the Seine, right up to The Marriott C-E, and relax at their sidewalk cafe.  Have a wonderful time!