Parisian Dining! #1

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Hope some of these will be of use to you on your upcoming trip.  Anyone, is welcome to contribute.  (NOTE: all were enjoyed while staying at Marriott Properties).


Let's start near the top.  I don't know who ranks these but, here goes, I took all of these "Amateur" photo's and did dine at every place pictured.


JULES VERNE, Eiffel Tower,  rated the #12 place to dine out of #7432 in Paris, went once, enjoyed, but not a place I would go back to.  Really touristy, and the staff was professional and friendly.  Here's a couple of pictures. Enjoy the view of Monmartre from table.



Parisian favorite, La Tour d' Argent, see Notre Dame, from the front of the LtdA.  You will see the entrance to Guy Savoy's place, a short walk from the REN.  It was great, and he came out and introduced himself, very special place to dine.  Tallevent, is another.