what  you think about the  gateways  from interval  international

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i  just  give a exammle  in  2011  i spend  1  week in the marriott  phuket  beach  club, and 2  weeks  in the  mai khao beach club.  resort  with  2  bedrooms, 1 livingroom


waschingmachine,  all  confort..  now  i stay  again in  the  mai khao beach  club.untill  the  17/2


when  you think  you  just  neet  1  timeschare week  from marriott  or all other  ather  comppagnie,  for  be  member from interval international.  and  then you can  byu  1  or  100


gateways  week, from around  the world.  i dont speak from the  price  here,  its  better, if  no the  price will  go hight, i learn this  from last  year.


and  if  you know  how  many  marriott  vocation club  weeks you  will  find around  the world,  the  question is  what is the  best  way  for  make holidays  in the  best  marriotts


vocation club  for  small  money. .................. thank you for schare  your experiance