How do I upload a photo into my post?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Feb 14, 2012

Suppose you want to include a photo within a new discussion or to a new question you wish to ask the community.


  1. Begin by creating your new discussion
    1. Click on Discussion in the CREATE menu.
    2. Then choose the topic (e.g., Destinations or Marriott Rewards) to which your discussion or question is most relevant.
    3. Enter a title for your new discussion
  2. To insert an image, click on the small camera icon next to the emoticon icon along with all of your formatting options
  3. This will show you a pop-up window so you can select and image to upload into your discussion or question
    1. Click Browse and select your photo
    2. Then click the Insert Image button in the bottom right corner


Please note: The placement of your cursor will determine where the image is placed. Supported file types for images include; .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png