Platinum Premier Elite card and Lifetime Platinum Premier status

Discussion created by doctorrt on Feb 15, 2012
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I haven't received my new Platinum Premier Elite card yet, and wonder a couple of things.  First, how do I know if I have met the 12 years requirements to become a Lifetime Platinum Premier?  My instincts tell me I am very close to it, but I can't find that information in my profile or anywhere else in the Marriott system.  Have I just not looked in the right place? I know I have met the other requirements, but understand that this requirement is the one causing the most consternation and would like to know where I stand.

Second, I was advised by a manager that there is yet another level above PPE, Five-Star or some similar name.  No one seems to know how one achieves this level, only that it is so special that the card is delivered by Mr. Marriott himself. I was told that, as an example, Mitt Romney is at that level.  What about us common folks who have spent most of their lives in Marriott properties over the past few years?

As an aside, when I checked into the Jackson, MS Courtyard and the clerk brought me up on her computer screen, she leaned over to her work companion and whispered, "He's here!"  Nice to be recognized!