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Horrible Experience with Marriot Reservations in TownePlace Suites Albany SUNY NY

Question asked by svinod2001 on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by kingkamea

It was horrible experience today with Marriot.

Being a diamond member of Hilton, I am so used to of the good customer care of Hilton that this face of Marriot was very surprising for me.


Yesterday afternoon, I called to book a room. I have been told that everything is done and I am good to go from Tuesday - Thursday (Feb 15th) with my GE corporate rates for 2 bed. Today what they said when trying to check -in

- We do not have a booking for you at all in system.

- Need to pay 150$ instead of 98 which agreed yeterday.

- Discussion is not sorry sense. It is more, you might be wrong kind of.

- As I had to rush to office and I had sent my other colleague to hotel to check-in. He had been sent to other MArriot where he had to check-in at 150$ rate.

- When I heard this all, I tried to talk about this with hotel and again explainations are above head.

- Last but no least.. I just looked into my online profile which says the person had did my reservation for yesterday and then cancelled it as I did not show up.. (Boss reservation was specifically done from Tuesday to Thursday and not monday to wednesday)


My idea of not using my tested Hotels of Hilton and using Marriot really did backfired on me today. First things i am going to do tomorrow morning in to check out from marriot and come out of this loop of "Marriot Rewards".