Marriott Regents Park, London

Discussion created by platinumstar on Feb 12, 2012
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Just back from a 1 night stay. I did know where this property was located before I went there but a word of warning to those that do not know its location. This must rate as one of the worst names in terms of location. It should be called the Marriott, Swiss Cottage, because that is where it is. It is NOT near Regents Park. Don't think you can walk to Regents Park Zoo because its not nearby. This is a residential area and it takes 10 minutes on a bus to get in to Camden Town where the Camden Lock and market is. OK, Regents Park is very large but its like calling the Marriott Times Square in New York, the Marriott Central Park. Its just not where you think it is.


I did know the hotel was a bit of 1970's nightmare outside but saw that rooms were renovated in 2007 so hoped for the best. The lobby was a mish-mash of styles and a bit clustered, the corridors cold and univiting, the room ok, nothing special. There is a pool which is a nice bonus. There appeared to be lots of middle east guests in the hotel and their raised voices in the exec lounge did not make a comfortable evening so it was back to the room for me. Not a bad hotel, not great either, but should not call itself what it does.