Bill Murray misses the cut at AT&T National Pro Am

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America's favorite groundskeeper (from Caddyshack) and Pittsburgh area TV weatherman (in Groundhog Day), Bill Murray, missed the cut at Pebble Beach today. after being the winning amateur last year.  Many of us blamed his camo/fur costume for his loss.  (see photo at left).  Bill is a  cut up, to say the least, but an excellent golfer. This was taken in front of the Champions Club, a magnet for the noveau rich, among which I do not count myself.


New lines from the vehicle:


1.  "My kid's High School baseball infield was a disgrace so I paid for a new one."  How much was that his friend asked, "Only about twenty five thousand."


2. " I hate all venture capitalists!"  Other guy in car speaks up, "I am one of them."  Silence, but no violence.


3. A gaggle of seven year old boys and girls get in later with one Mom (not of all seven).  "Please behave kids!"  They didn't needless to say.


Weather:  it rained at times and was chilly.  Very busy today and worse tomorrow!


Auguste Escoffier's grandson ate lunch at the club en route to the South of France.

Golf was also played