Making job easier for the Communitymanager !

Discussion created by blava007 on Feb 11, 2012
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I know it must feel like you have a hard job, since it looks like a good number of the folks are just continuously complaining.


  • I’m so disappointed to read your replies; in majority of the cases many of your replies are totally irrelevant to the questions, comments and subjects at hand. 

  • Very seldom I read credible answers that address the real and critical points re: discussions    from the Marriott Management. Why is that? 

  • It seems the issues being brought out by many of the members are not being communicated to the Sr. Marriott management.  Am I wrong? 

  • Please stop requesting members to write to you directly; that defeats the entire reason for having effective, open, viable, vibrant forums, discussion, etc.    Please review the base promise, foundations for forums, discussions, boards, etc.  

  • Also, I believe that addressing questions, discussions with real and credible answers will make your job easier and members will know they are being heard.