Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel

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As a fairly new Platinum member, this was my first chance to show off to my wife how well treated I am at Marriotts, and my first stay at a 'destination' hotel. Sadly, we were very disappointed with the attitude of the staff.


We stayed at the Key West Marriott Beachside from 2/6 - 2/10/2012 and I used a 'redemption with cash upgrade' to get a 1 bedroom presidential suite (listed as resort view). On check-in, I asked if there were upgrades available. The desk agent looked at me with a rather shocked expression, and simply repeated the specifics of the reservation I had made. I took that as the equivalent of "No." It turned out that the 'resort view' was a grand view of the wall of the adjacent buidling.


Despite my profile listing a delivery of the WSJ, I never once got a paper delivered, and never once did a member of the staff acknowledge my status, even on check-in and check-out. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but after being spoiled by Marriott hotels who can't seem to do enough for Platinum members, I got the feeling that this Spottswood owned property would rather not have people staying there on points, and could care less about Marriott status. Or maybe they treat all their guests that way?


Using my complimentary breakfast coupons was quite the experience. I'll list the results out by day:

2/7: the breakfast was no charge, but they added a 20% gratuity

2/8: the waiter saw the coupon on the table and told us that this card was only good for 1 trip through the buffet. When I got the GM and she asked him directly, he said it was good for anything except the made to order dishes. We were charged a $4 upcharge for made to order waffles and scrambled eggs.

2/9: my wife got scrambled eggs from the buffet and it was no additional charge.

2/10: my wife got scrambled eggs from the buffet and it was a $4 upcharge.


The morning after check-in I needed to meet a fishing charter at 7 AM, so I called the concierge for assistance with transportation. He actually laughed, and told me the shuttle doesn't run until 8, so he would suggest a cab. When I asked him to arrange for the cab, he told me to call the front desk.


The room itself was clean, except that the maid staff had a habit of allowing the toilet brush to drip as they walked after cleaning the toilet, leaving a trail of toilet-water spots from each bathroom across the tile. Gross!


Overall, the rooms are among the nicest I have ever seen, but I won't be returning to this hotel due to the staff, which was (with a couple of outstanding exceptions) completely indifferent.