Making the cut--in golf and life

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A friend took this image AM Thursday and just emailed it to me of the surging waves and the Links during the AT&T National Pro-Am tournament,  His camera is safe and was not confiscated!  But then is he is "company" man and we have our ways  This lady, on the other hand, is a pro and makes us all look bad.


News of the day was that it rained yesterday after a sunny start, and that means it is officially "Crosby Weather," named for 'Der Bingle,' Bing Crosby, who started this as his "Clambake" in Rancho Santa Fe, CA back in the 1930s.  Why he moved it here during the rainy season is the subject of some dispute.  Bill Murray, who seems to be seen everywhere, is the link to the crazy behavior of year's past by comedians, except that he is an excellent golfer.  Several guests whom I have chauffeured claimed to have been drinking with him at Carmel  establishments.  The story with the best chance of being true involves the Mission Ranch, Clint Eastwood's excellent venue along the cove at Carmel Point. Sheep graze the front lawn!


I have seen Tiger Woods twice in two days, the last time being yesterday at the Club late in the afternoon. Very focused, but more friendly than in years past.  No troupe of security personnel either.


Tales abound, spectator drinking seems more controlled, and people are more civilized--but there are two more days to prove me wrong!  Off to work!!!!