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Hi all,

I don't post as much as I used to and partially that is time related (I just started second semester, but have two great travel stories from the past two years if I can get around to it).  But I think one of the things we Americans have lost recently, whether in politics, ordinary conversation, or whatever, is the idea of civility.  We don't need to nor should we call each other names, even if we disagree vehemently on issues.


So while I think when we speak of Marriott we should be honest and appropriately critical, I think we should also consider the kind of civil society we'd all like to live in, which means not hurling insults, speaking badly without appropriate reason, etc.  I'm old school on all this, as in many other ways.


So by all means let's bring to Marriott's attention where they are falling down (and I think in most of our opinions there is a problem, especially with increased benefits from other hotel loyalty programs), but let's also praise where praise is deserved.


But let's also keep the conversation going!  Despite only subscribing to some posts and no Insiders (please don't feel offended, that's me), there's been nothing new for a few days.  Weird.  I am no longer an Ambassador, so I have no fight in this issue.


I just would like to see us all treat each other with respect and dignity, whatever our diverse opinions.