Evansville/ New Harmony IN. Thanks Shoeman!

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Thanks for your suggestions on this trip!


Will ask for more suggestions next week, but this has turned out well.


First, let me say that I had never been to New Harmony before but it is a great place for history lovers.  On the Ohio, this place reminded me of my recent trip to Williamsburg, Va.  It was historic, interesting.


Evansville, is also an interesting place.  Shoeman, you recommended two of the most difficult place for me to find, (My fault), but both were very good.  This makes an "Ordinary Trip", very special.


One very special point, the RI, was very nice.  They gave me an upgrade to a nice room.  I could have kept a family in there but I was by myself.  Kaylee, the GM, and her staff, were most accommodating.


Here are some pictures from New Harmony and Evansville, and again thanks Shoeman!