A new television show about hotels on the travel Channel

Discussion created by anadyr on Feb 6, 2012

Cable's Travel Channel,just announced the premiere date for a new program based on turning around business at struggling hotels. Given the success of famous Brit chef attacks and cures (most times) failing restaurant television, this seems like the next logical step.


The show, apparently called  “Hotel Impossible,” will involve veteran hotel general manager and consultant Anthony Melchiorri trying to turn around the fortunes of hotels that are treading water financially. Hour-long episodes will be broadcast weekly starting April 9 in the US


In each episode, Melchiorri goes to the hotel as a secret shopper and identifies its biggest problems.  He then meets with the staff from front desk receptionists to housekeeping to the owners themselves to determine the key operation issues.


Set those Tivos, DVrs, and VCRs (if they still exist)!