Joanna at the Jw Beijing

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Children travelling with special objects are safe at the JW Beijing.   Not that they SHOULD, but if your family is gone for a month, well they might want to bring a special item from home to comfort them.  And then, if you are in a hurry to make your next flight, or have bought too much at the Pearl Market, you might leave something behind.  Something that can wreck your life, in a child's world.


We tried numerous contacts at the hotel (from the Jw Seoul, where we realized this enormous mistake), but got no where until we contacted Joanna. 


As a Concierge, Joanna went above and beyond, when our son left his special, made by his grandmother when he was 2, pillow behind.  Firstly, the fact that she found it at all was amazing.  Joanna then kept in a very safe place, while i struggled to get all the information necessary for a shipment from China, as required by the Chinese officials and Fedex.


It took me weeks, but Joanna held on and patiently led me through the process.  The pillow arrived unscathed and will not leave this house again. 


All thanks to Joanna.