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Is this serious? New. Use Points for Air + Car

Question asked by bazzap on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by anadyr

I just received my latest email from Marriott Rewards, which I believe there has been some mention of before but little follow up.

Marriott Rewards® is excited to offer you an easier way to book travel.

With the new Air + Car programme, you can now use Marriott Rewards points, cash or both to book air travel and rental cars.

Book flights with more than 400 different airlines, and reserve rental cars at Hertz® locations worldwide—all from one convenient site.

Plus, with no blackout dates, you can redeem points when and where you want.

Book on the new Air + Car site today, and get where you're going faster.

and thought it would be good to try this out for a trip later in 2012.

Problem number one, only options for coach and first were offered when searching - where is the option for business class?

Problem number two, last year I used Marriott Rewards Travel Packages for the comparable trip (covered in a separate post) to get 2x business class return

flight plus 2x5 night accommodation certificate plus 2x Hertz discount for 470,000 points.... this new programme (please see below) if I can really believe this

seems to be asking 2,744,000 points for just 2x coach return flights.

Is this serious?



Reward Points price includes Taxes & Fees collected by the airline at time of purchase. International departure or other applicablegovernmental taxes and fees may be collected at the airport. Some airlines charge fees for checked baggage. Please check withyour airline for any additional charges. If you have selected Trip Insurance, this must be paid for separately with a credit card.

Payment Required2,524,620
Balance Due2,744,000

  • London Heathrow - (LHR), London, United Kingdom
  • To Phuket Intl - (HKT), Phuket, Thailand

Depart:9:30PMLondon Heathrow - (LHR)Fri 19/10/12Thai International 917
Arrive:3:05PMBangkok IntL - (BKK)Sat 20/10/12
Duration: 11 hr 35 min
Coach (Y) Plane: 346
Depart:4:50PMBangkok IntL - (BKK)Sat 20/10/12Thai International 217
Arrive:6:10PMPhuket Intl - (HKT)Sat 20/10/12
Duration: 1 hr 20 min
Coach (Y) Plane: 744


  • Phuket Intl - (HKT), Phuket, Thailand
  • To London Heathrow - (LHR), London, United Kingdom

Depart:10:55AMPhuket Intl - (HKT)Sat 08/12/12Thai International 204
Arrive:12:25PMBangkok IntL - (BKK)Sat 08/12/12
Duration: 1 hr 30 min
Coach (Y) Plane: 772
Depart:1:30PMBangkok IntL - (BKK)Sat 08/12/12Thai International 916
Arrive:7:35PMLondon Heathrow - (LHR)Sat 08/12/12
Duration: 13 hr 5 min
Coach (Y) Plane: 346