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Using the Amazon model in Marriott lodging reservations?

Question asked by anadyr on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by anadyr is either very intuitive or they have great minds working on checking on me, or both.


For a couple weeks I have been looking at their pages to see, among other things, how my royalties are coming from Kindle sales (dismal is the best description), but at the same time I have wandered to the page that advertises Dragon naturally speaking software, a speech to text program now in its eleventh version.  Having worked on another program (now part of what is called SIRI) I was contemplating allowing my voice to type instead of my stubby fingers.  After five or days checking I was sent an email this am that the software was reduced by nearly two thirds as a promotion for Prime members like me!  So, it seems that Amazon checks the frequency of my visits then dangles a too good to be true offer my way in case I am wavering.


I was wondering if Marriott might be able to do that as well?  We have searched for deals at certain locations but not booked, but what if the gurus at HQ were to identify reluctant buyers and then offer a special, customized deal? They might have a confirmed reservation from me as a result.


Just a thought?  Any comments?