Taliesin West, FLW's Winter Home

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A short drive from the RI in Scottsdale, (Or most Marriott properties in the region), is a real interesting place to visit.  Now, I am not much of a "Tourist", as most of my travels involve shopping and dining, but this place was exceptional.  Having no idea what to expect, I had a few hours of spare time, and decided to see FLW's "Taliesin West".  This place was a really moving experience.  Here are a few things that you might find interesting:


This place was built in the 1930's as a "Campground" to escape the Wisconsin Winters.  FLW paid $12.50 per acre and bought over 600 acres from the commission he earned on another famous property.  FLW, did not become known or really productive till he was 70 years old.  He was an interesting person that stated "If you are not making mistakes, you are not learning"!  So I guess there is still hope for me!  This place is not a museum, but a working school, where a few people pay $30.000 a year tuition to learn FLW's ways.  Likewise, there are people that have lived on this site for over 50 years!


The tour takes about an hour and a half and costs around $28/person, but is most fascinating.  Here are a few photo's of this most interesting experience.  Note, the last picture is the "Caberet", where most of the room is underground, but acoustics are perfect, thanks to FLW's genius.  He died in 1959 at an age of 91.