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Insiders People Sort Function???

Question asked by ssindc on Jan 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2012 by ssindc

OK, I know it doesn't matter, but does the PEOPLE sort function work when you use it????


So, when I click on the PEOPLE tab, then SORT BY PARTICIPATION METER,

  • It shows me that Steppingstones is a Guru - way to go, sage one....
  • Then we've got two Superstars
  • Then it melts down
    • it shows me a handful of Rock Stars and Apprentices mixed together
    • then it gets to Novices
    • but, on page 2, it's got an apprentice in the middle of the novitiates (or novices)
    • then, on the same page, it mixes up novices and rookies
    • page 3 is mostly rookies, with a novice in the middle
    • page 4 is the same, although I'm the lone novice buried towards the bottom (which is how I noticed this in the first place)....


What's the story?  [And, again, I know it doesn't matter, but curiousity killed the cat.]


Hmmmm.... and I found this - - but I don't know if it helps....  Whatever...