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This week was special because I had a chance to visit a place that was always sought after to see.  Staying at the RI Scottsdale, taking a two hour drive North, it was a special trip.  Did not know there had been so many movies made around Sedona, nor was it a developed or beautiful as it was.  Will look forward to going back.  There are no Marriott's there, but it is sure worth having dinner at L'Auberge de Sedona.  The drove me around town, parked my car, and would not take a gratuity.  The staff was really great, and the drive back to my RI, was easy, especially thinking about the great day it had been.  Will let the pictures do the talking, but if you like John Wayne, Ernest Borgnine, and many more movie stars, you will enjoy this "Classy" town.  Your family, loved ones, and you will all have a great time.  The pictures do not give the place justice, especially the on of Cowboy Club, a very famous "Hang out" of "The Duke"!