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Marriott Rewards, a fresh start for 2012?

Question asked by anadyr on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by anadyr

OK, I know it's the end of January, but I wanted to offer some comments about the state of things in Marriott Rewards (for me at least) in 2012:


  1. The accumulation of points and of nights using the Chase Visa Premier is a great benefit to me, since we are traveling less than we did a few years ago, but spend like the proverbial (fill in blank about inebriated mariners here), to build our points balance.
  2. We tend to choose Marriott over other brands out of familiarity and secondarily, the Rewards program.  As a member since 1984 (Orwell I know!) the program is familiar, and in most cases a good one.
  3. Not being recognized as a Platinum, Platinum Premier or Lifetime Platinum is still my number one gripe--the process of training is not working in my experience lately so I've take the time to ask each Associate who does not comment if my name shows up with the Platinum Premier designator on it.  It does and they see it, so I hope the next person will be treated a little more cordially.
  4. Upgrades are a non-starter for me recently.  I assume that when I have to ask there are none to be had, based on stay length.  I wish there was a way to guarantee them 48 hours out for highest level Elites, at least in lower demand times.
  5. Followup after stays has gone the way of the do-do bird, sadly.  I know the surveys are random., but I have only gotten one in the last ten stays.I sometimes do them on my own, and have about a 50% chance of getting more than a perfunctory response.  My comments to the GM at the NYC Marquis elicited a quick (30 minutes after sending) phone call from the Assistant GM--that was good.
  6. Insiders remains a lively place to check on stuff, but is always frustrating to use when there are glitches: photo loading problems, triple posts with the same information, etc.  I hope that Jive can work out these issues, and that the system will be as error free as possible (Doing this posts I went into some kind of cyber hibernation on Insiders and almost lost these tremendously important thoughts
  7. Bring back the BOGO (buy one get one free) promotion, for both room nights and meals at Marriott hotel restaurants. (thanks for reminding me Insiders).
  8. My wish list for the new year is as follows:
    • Upgrades
    • Weekend breakfasts
    • More recognition of Elites
    • BOGO mania's return.


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