Ready Set Go...MegaBonus 2012

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Jan 27, 2012
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Our fearless leader, The Jas-man, set up a thread to remind people about the Marriott gift card holiday promo. I was really surprised at the number of members that wouldn't have participated if not for that posting. That's what a good member site should be all about, sharing tips to maximize benefits.


Continuing the theme of pass it forward... let this thread serve as the reminder to all the heavy and casual visitors to Marriott Insiders. The MegaBonus is just days away. Plan your February through April travel to include the 20 to 25 nights at the Marriott properties of your choice. The 35,000 and 50,000 points respectively are excellent additions to your accounts. These MegaBonus' in 2011 added 130,000 points to Yours Truly account. When you take the base earning points for the stays, plus the arrival gift points, plus the MegaBonus''s close to 300,000 points. Some mighty nice trips can be had for 300,000 points.