Use 12 month rolling window to achieve rewards level

Discussion created by rogerdoherty on Jan 27, 2012
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Hi I'm new to the forums and I'm sure this has come up before so I apologize in advance if this is repetitive.


I'm a loyal Marriott customer and I really like the hotels and the rewards program, let me say that up front.


I was very dissapointed however to discover that in January my "nights stayed" balance rolled back to 0 and I missed achieving Platinum Rewards status by about 5 nights.  To make matters worse I had several trips scheduled in February that would have put me well over the required nights to achieve platinum.


Has there been any discussion about changing the way this works to more of a rolling window approach, so that if you achieve the nights stayed goal within any 12 month cycle you get a bump to the next level?  Having it happen in January seems arbitrary.


If I could have made this a voting item I would have, I'm sure everybody who is a rewards member would vote "YES"!


Thanks for your consideration and for putting up this form to get feedback from your customers.



Roger Doherty, Microsoft Corp.