Istanbul - The Spy Who Didn't Come In From the Cold

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This is especially directed at Shoeman and SS,


Believe it or not, there was a snowstorm in Istanbul today, and the temperature.) was the same as my town in Maine.  Nonetheless, I browsed the Egyptian Spice Market, then a very old mosque, took my Bosphorus cruise, then after getting to Asian Istanbul (where the snow was even worse) the tour guide (Mustafa aka Hit the Road Jack) and the driver (Evit, no aka) disposed of the Indian-American couple from California into another vehicle and took me up to Camlice Hill.  I don't have my regular computer nor have I figured out how to post photos on the Marriott website using the camera feature on this page (it doesn't take), but I have a lovely photo of me in the snow surrounded by Mustafa and Evit with a power tower behind us.


What secrets were disclosed at lunch?  Why were we standing near a power tower?  Why was it snowing?  All this will have to wait for what the Community Manager has asked me to do in an upcoming blog that I may call Where In the World is ProfChiara? Perhaps a better title might be What the **** is She Doing? And I will try to post the photo when I am home.


The process is refusing to allow me to post this at any other hotel than a Marriott (I am staying at another hotel, its name better left undisclosed) so I'm going to try to do it using the Polat where I stayed in 2009 when here.  (But I'm not there.)