Great Job by Mike and Matt at The Buttes, Phoenix

Discussion created by nuhusker on Jan 26, 2012
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I'd like to give special mention and thanks to a few employees at the Buttes in Phoenix.  Mike, front desk clerk, greeted me with a big, welcoming smile which made me feel right away that this was going to be a good stay!  As soon as he confirmed my reservation, he immediately thanked me (yes, thanked me!) for being a loyal Marriott platinum member.  WOW!  How often does that happen these days.  And then, without asking, he offered a couple of breakfast coupons.  This really surprised me since the Buttes is a resort without a concierge lounge.  I know that other Insiders have not had this same experience at other properties.  So, good job to the Buttes management for continuing to offer this perk.  It really means a lot.  I saw Mike a couple of other times over the next two days and each time, with his big, welcoming smile, he waved, and made sure that I was being taken care of.  As a matter of fact, I was.  All of the staff were very helpful.  Another employee I want to specifically mention is Matt, who was helping the bell staff when I arrived.  He patiently waited during my check in while I enjoyed conversation with Mike, and then assisted with my luggage while he showed me to my room.  I'm glad he did that.  First, I think I would have found it difficult to find.  But, more than that, it made me feel like an important they really appreciated my business, and Matt couldn't have been more pleasant and informative during the walk to the room.  I also saw him again during my stay, and he called me by name and made sure that everything was ok.  Now maybe I would have thought that it was just these two guys who stood out.  But in the dining room I had the pleasure of being attended to by Samantha.  What a great personality!  Once again she remembered who I was and asked on the second day if I wanted a waffle just like the morning before.  Bottom line, these three may be representative of the entire staff, but these are three that I had the privilege to meet and it was so obvious that they really enjoy their jobs and better yet really enjoy their guests.  Great job to you three, and again thanks for making my stay very comfortable!