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Walnut Creek Renaissance or Wine Country Resorts

Question asked by superchief1 on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by communitymanagers

We are planning a trip to Northern California next year (using MR points), probably in late February. We are considering staying 5 nights at the Renaissance in Walnut Creek (Cat 4), since it is convenient to BART and attached to a great sport club (I enjoy weight training). This would allow us eacy access to SF area, and we could rent a car to visit wine country and other area sites. Our other options are the Sonoma Renaissance or Napa Marriott resorts, which are both cat 6. I'm not sure whether these properties have CL lounges or offer breakfast vouchers for platinum members, but I know the WC property provides breakfast vouchers. I'd appreciate your advice and comments regarding these hotels. We lived in Concord several years ago, so we are familiar with the area although it has changed a lot.