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Marriott Vacation Club - anyone have a problem with promotions?

Question asked by jensming on Jan 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by shoeman1000

Hi! I was recently contacted by Marriott Vacations for a special promotion- you know, the kind where they get you out to the property for a great deal, but you have to sit through the spiel while you are there? I usually say no thanks, but they just happened to call at the right time. My wife and I were planning a vacation with her parent's, who happen to love Vegas. We opted for the promotion and was quoted a price to upgrade to a two bedroom villa. We understood that this would be additional to the price we were paying for the basic room. I spoke to two different people, wrote their information down, wrote down everything they quoted me- I also wanted to be sure i was really dealing with Marriott.


Now, it comes time to book the room with the upgrade and the contact tells me it's more (much more!) for this upgrade. Wait a sec, I have all the info on my paper with $AAA not $ZZZ. After a long discussion, she basically tells me I'm out of luck, so I ask for a refund. Now, I am pretty bummed for several reasons- 1) I was looking forward to this hotel 2) was actually interested in vacation club (NO WAY NOW) 3) had found the perfect trip for my in-laws. I asked the contact to check the phone recording and what do you know?! It wasn't recorded, of course. The price difference of what I was quoted for the upgrade versus what the contact was telling me it should be was only $200, but that's not the point. And really, for $200, I think Marriott could come to an agreement.


So, my question is, has anyone dealt with a similar situation and how was it handled? Any advice on who else to speak with at the Vacation Club? I am extremely displeased with not only the outcome of all of this, but how everything was handled on Marriott's end. I asked for a refund for the original room. I travel quite often and try to stay at Marriotts, but who knows now. Thank you.