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Platinum Premier Notification

Question asked by painedplatinum on Jan 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 3, 2012 by tryt53

It seems as if a subtle change has occurred to my Marriott Rewards account. I was chatting with a very helpful reservation line associate and she recognized me as a Platinum Premier member. It took a few seconds for that to register in my brain. I've been a member in general for about 20 yrs. I've been hanging in the Platinum group for the last five years. I've never hit the PP level before. I am aware that it exists through the various threads on this site.

I went to my Account page on and low and behold, I'm now a Platinum Premier .  Will there be any type of official notification coming from Marriott? Is there literature that will be sent? Is there a special card that is distributed? I noticed a Platinum Premier reservation line on the web site, but it took me to the regular Platinum reservation desk.