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Unfortunately for those Frisco fans, it was the 'leg kick and the drop' that catapulted the 49ers to the golf links this year when they really had the game won. The Giants scored 10 'easy' points off those turnovers and Eli couldn't figure out the 49ers defense enough to score more than 10 with full possession drives. Those 10 points from the turnovers were the winning scores! I feel bad for the poor kid. He's only a rookie. Hope it doesn't get in his head for future years.


I picked the 49ers to get to the Super Bowl and gave my Pats no chance because of their 31st ranked defense. Dumb me.


If Brady and Co. are hooked up again offensively for the Super Bowl, they'll win. If the Giants defense does what they did four years ago, they'll win. The Pats defensive backfield is too porous to stop Eli. After all, they had a 5'8" offensive wide receiver (Julian Edelman) playing defense against 6'3" Antowin Boldin of the Ravens on Sunday. That's how many injuries the Pats have had to destroy their defensive backfield this year.


Anyway, I'll be hosting my Super Bowl party and rootin for my Pats! If anybody's in the neighborhood, come on over!