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3 Night Rewards Stay in Washigton DC???

Question asked by jfgunner on Jan 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by eb5147

I am planning a 3 night reward stay in Washington DC for sightseeing with my wife in the middle of April.


It looks like there are a couple of Renaissance Hotels that would be 90,000 points or the JW Marriott which would be 105,000 points.


We are flying into Regan National so parking doesn't matter and I have enough points for either.  I am a Platinum member and the stay in from a Thursday through Sunday so CLs are open on Thursday and Friday of my trip but not Saturday and Sunday. I tenttively booked the JW Marriott based purely on location.


From what I read elsewhere and the e-mail I sent to the hotel, they do not offer Platinum's free breakfast on the weekends which seems strange as I could book a rate that includes breakfast for less money than one without breakfast.   They also don;t know if upgrades will be avaialble until about a week out which I guess makes sense.


Can anyone provide advice on where to stay in DC? Any other reccomendations as this is our first visit to DC.


Any experience going to the JW Marriott as a Platinum member?   Is a Suite upgrade a possibility?   (though I know I am not entitiled to one).


Thanks in advnace.