NU and Jerrycoin meet, what FUN!

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Meet another MI, and share some great experiences, with other travelers.


Tonight, NU and I met for the first time, with more to come, in Phoenix, at the Marriott Buttes.  We really had nice things to say about Marriott and the MI giving us a chance to share some travel tales.  We both expressed our admiration for what many of you have contributed to our travel experiences.  There was only positive things said about how your "Tips" had helped even "Experienced" travelers enjoy their travels more.


He is from Iowa, and I am from Missouri, so we can't "Glamorize" anything.  However, "Husker" is a person that evokes a special love for what he does, and what he believes.  He is a Veteran and has an immense fondness of family, duty and country. 


Hopefully, we all will get a chance to have a "ChinWag", (I learned this in Canada), from other Insiders.


Here are a few pictures from our visit:


Note the beauty of Buttes, "Old Glory", and the classy status of the hotel.  Don't forget to enjoy the great NU jacket he enjoys!


Thanks Marriott!


PS, We are inviting a great "Chap", Chris to meet us in Burlington, Iowa for a personal tour from us "Yanks".