In the Spirt of Serving, Harold takes care!

Discussion created by max919 on Jan 21, 2012
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For years and years Harold M. has been supervising shifts at the Casino. It’s a demanding busy job, that he makes into a pleasant experience for all guests and staff.  Each time I arrive for a visit I get a huge hug/welcome back, and during my frequent visits  he always takes a moment to stop by and see how I’m doing.  This year I had some elderly members of my family with me, and he went above and beyond to be sure that all the casino staff were watching out for them, so they would not overextend themselves, or get in any kind of trouble. When he found my 86 year old step-dad aimlessly wandering the casino, he personally led him back to where I was sitting, and this was on a very very very busy night. I’m glad that he is there taking care of us, even while we lose our money gambling <LOL>.  His positive attitude, and great spirit make the loss seem like a donation!