Spirt to Serve, or in Jerry's case, Serving the Spirt!

Discussion created by max919 on Jan 21, 2012
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Jerry T, the long time Sushi chef at Ketsu, Serves the Spirt!  I’ve been visiting this Sushi bar at the Marriott for years and years, the only time that I had cause for concern was the year the Hotel Lobby was renovated, and Ketsu was closed. Though I did find Jerry working in Champions, and went over to say Hello.  This year I had family with me, who also remembered him from years ago, and he made us some amazing Sushi platters-or Chirashi. One night my family went for Sushi, and I did not join, as I was not feeling well. To my surprise, he gave them a platter to bring back for me-knowing exactly what I liked! No matter how busy he is, he always greets me, and makes me feel special, the food he creates is a gift from his heart, and is visually appealing and always fabulous. See an example in the attached picture from 2009. (BTW- I’ve had a picture of him on my Smart phone for years,  and always brag that he is my personal Sushi chef in my home-away-from-home in Aruba. One year, while visiting Aruba, I had Sushi for dinner at Ketsu 12 of our 13 nights on the Island. Though most visits, I only manage to have Sushi for 80% of our dinners.)