Thank you Mariana, you have the Spirit!

Discussion created by max919 on Jan 21, 2012
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Mariana E should receive the Spirit to Serve award for her total dedication to making the Marriott Ocean Club property the most friendly MVCI property in the world.  Year after year after year, she welcomes me back with a warm smile, and eagerness to assist with any detail. She has provided support though difficult times when the property was under renovation, she has encouraged positive feedback and always follows up for any resolution.  When sending requests for pre-arrival planning, it is often difficult, as I usually have several back-to-back reservations, with different room types, yet she always manages to make each room the best. This year, she outdid herself! I had elderly relatives joining me, who have difficulty walking. They were using my Interval Traded week (from my other Marriott property,) and would not have had high preferences for a room type. Additionally, as I was in an Ocean Front room, I was concerned about having them on another floor and/or the other wing, which would have required a fairly long walk. When I made my request, all I asked for was a nice room, as I figured it would be impossible to find a room on the top floor where I was, and near to the Ocean, which are the most requested rooms.  When they arrived, and I went to check them in, I was absolutely amazed that Mariana had them in the room RIGHT NEXT DOOR to me! There was not a closer room in the entire property!!!! That’s a pre-arrival planner performing magic. Thank you Mariana, you have the Spirt.