It is a pleasure to nominate Diana S. from Marriott Townplace Suites in Tewksbury Massachusetts! Talk about ON TOP of things!!!

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I love to be able to nominate Diana S. from the Marriott Townplace SUites in Tewksbury, Massachusetts because she is a hard worker

and a person of great character.


I lived there for nine months and saw her at work at ALL times of day and night and ALWAYS she was on top of things; friendly, polite

and competent.


I was impressed at the way in which she went above and beyond for me when I needed it, and for all others who needed something, also.

When a seasonal hurricane threatened to hit hard (and it did make a huge mess and damage some buildings on the property)

Diana was awake ALL night doing everything possible to ensure the safety of ALL around her. She even brought in DVD's from her

own library, for us to borrow when the cable went out and bought board games for anyone to use, when the electricity went out,

and she passed out to everyone a flashlight (which I suppose the flashlight was usual, but the other things she did on her own.)


Myself, and several other guests, watched her go ALL around the property securing items and everything and she wouldn't let

us lift a finger, although we were certainly there to help if needed, but she, with a smile to just relax. She was a lot younger than us,

so we did what she said and stood by and all waited and watched the hurricane. We all thought she was doing a great job, especially

where this was her first hurricane and we had gone through many.

So I give her five stars, for all that I said. I felt like I was in the best of hands with her at the helm!

Thank you, Diana, for making my very difficult nine month transition to Massachusetts, one filled with warm memories of you and your whole staff!!

It is really difficult for me to have to pick one person to nominate, because her whole staff is as good as she:) You all made a difficult

nine months, like a holiday. Thank you.



Diana M.

from Amesbury, MA