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So, I'm back at the Cosmopolitan (Autograph) in Las Vegas, and I have to admit, while I don't like Vegas, I really like this property (warts and all).  There's been a lot of discussion on the property (particularly to the extent that it's only been open for a year (or, maybe 13-14 months).  Here's a quick recap of some of the comments:

Re: Las Vegas - New Autograph Collection Hotel
In any event, now having been here twice, here's what jumps out at me:

  • The nicer rooms are simply magnificent;
    • I'm a junkie for heights and balconies. The balconies here rock! This time, we're on the 62nd floor, and I can see gorgeous mountains in three directions, we look down on (and enjoy) the Bellagio water show, and you can see plenty of Vegas strip lights/action (including Bellagio, Paris, Ceasers, etc.).
      • I've posted some balcony photos here: Vegas Cosmopolitan - Rockin' Balcony
      • The only Marriott balconies I'd trade this for are:
        • the roof deck of the concierge lounge at the Budapest Marriott - exquisite; and
        • the top of the property, corner balcony at the Tumon Bay resort in Guam, with its uninterrupted epic views of the entire bay - sweet.
    • The room is similar in size to (and, of course, far more comfortable than) my first condominium
      • I didn't do this last time, but I payed a small fee for an upgrade this time (on top of the one-level upgrade they gave me as a platinum)
      • My wife figured we could comfortably entertain a group of 8-10 here
      • All of the furniture is VERY comfortable;
      • The rest room is appropriately over-the-top luxurious.
  • Free breakfast buffet for two (even on the weekend) at the Wicked Spoon is a nice touch;
    • We're here on a weekend, so - at most properties - we would not have enjoyed concierge lounge access
    • The wicked spoon is one of the best brunch buffets I've been to in the world; it compares favorably to some of the spectacular Asian resort breakfasts (with food stations from around the world);
      • OUTRAGEOUS options - from classic breakfast to pastry shop to sushi to Tex Mex and Italian
      • gorgeous presentation
      • finishing at the gelato bar - with at least sixteen killer choices - was a dream
        • OK, I only sampled five (yes 5) types on the recommendation of our waiter and the gelato server - my top three: (1) Almond Joy (ooooh, the coconut); (2) Pistachio, and (3) Mango - sublime.
  • Really nice, comfy robe - they sell 'em for $125 - bummer.
  • Terrific desk, work surface (one of my highest priorities);
  • Free internet - sure, we take that for granted.
  • Paying $20/day for the gym is a huge bummer
    • granted, it's a very nice gym, and I had the whole thing to myself
    • excellent equipment, nice towels, lots of fresh fruit for afterwards - so I didn't feel too bad, but still
  • Mini-disappointment - NO in-room coffee service (although there IS a microwave, and there's plenty of glass/stemware).
  • Oh yeah, it's nice to be Platinum
    • they have a separate check-in (and check-out) lane for us; and
    • you bypass the waiting line at the Wicked Spoon.
  • Great location (if you want to be on the strip)....