DSM IV Dining Delight

Discussion created by anadyr on Jan 18, 2012
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Founded by a Psychotherapist and excellent chef, John Henry's in Palm Springs CA remains our odds-on favoirte for excellent food, cozy surroundings and fantastic value.  Only as recent convert to web-dom, the place is still hard to find, but well worth looking for. Even Jill, our GPS, spent lots of time figuring out the location (though at times I assume she's being passive/aggressive, to re-coin a DSM IV phrase).


My wife had her favorite, Rack of Lamb at the astounding price of less than 20 dollars, including a large salad.  I tried the Halibut with Macadamia crusting and Mango Butter for 18 dollars.  John Henry wants you to have a good time, stay a long time, and enjoy the food and drink.  (top shelf Cocktails are $4.25 BTW).


If you can do it, order desert, where a quarter of an Apple Pie with a Quart of vanilla Ice Cream comes on a platter, and is enough for 10 people!


Reserve a seat early--the place is always packed in season and times are hard to get.  Oh, and do not eat for several days beforehand--makes that desert choice more do-able.