Outstanding Spirit to Serve in Holiday/Tarpon Springs, FL

Discussion created by mtgbrkrinfl on Jan 18, 2012
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My husband and I have had the opportunity to stay at the Fairfield Inn, Holiday FL many times since the opening in July, 2011.  I am a Marriott Gold Elite member and choose a Marriott property when possible.  My husband, Patrick, was having back surgeries this summer at the Bonati Institute in Hudson, FL.  Although we were told we had to stay closer to the facility, we chose to return to the Fairfield Inn repeatedly and become a top guest because of one reason; the outstanding guest service that was provided by Alicia R. and her team.


I could state for you numerous ways we were made to feel like an appreciated guest.  I could tell you how often Alicia went out of her way to ensure that we were as comfortable as possible.  I could even tell you how she leads by example and is willing to perform any function necessary to ensure operational integrity.  I could take the time to sing her praises, and still never be able to fully communicate to you what a superstar she is.


Both my husband and I have been in sales and management of customer service businesses for our entire careers.  We know how challenging it can be to find dedicated and talented managers that understand the nuances of providing outstanding customer service and manage operational efficiency.  Alicia R. has proven to us time and again that she gets 'it'.  We can appreciate the difficulties of opening a new facility, finding and developing the right mix of employees and establishing performance expectations.  She is well on her way to recognizing those that want to commit to her standards and coach the individuals that aren't there yet to make appropriate choices.  I was fortunate to spend time with Alicia and discuss business philosophies and was very impressed by her.


I have stayed at many types of Marriott properties throughout the US and Caribbean.  This was the first time I stayed at a Fairfield Inn.  Typically we stay at Marriott, I can honestly say without a doubt that Alicia has provided us with the most superior levels of service of any property (including resort) that we have stayed.  She is a compassionate caring individual.  You would be well served if she could instill her desire and commitment to serve guests with all of the managers of the properties you supervise.


I hope you take the time to congratulate Alicia and her team for providing outstanding service to myself and my husband.  It was a very difficult period for us.  They did all they could to make us comfortable and welcome.