Thank you for a lifetime of special memories from the Shelbourne

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On our first trip to Dublin, Ireland, my son (aged 12) and I found ourselves looking for accommodations due to an unfortunate stay at a substandard hotel.  While walking along St. Stephen's Green we stumbled upon the Shelbourne Hotel.  We asked Emma S. who happened to be working the concierge stand out front if there might be any availabilities at the hotel; and briefly told her our story.  She quickly checked and said they could accommodate us.  We returned to the other hotel, checked out, and came back to the Shelbourne.  Emma quietly talked with the person behind the check-in counter and then checked us in.  I'll never forget when they said to take a special elevator and our son tried to argue with me that "all" the evelators were in another location.  It turns out that Emma realized what a special trip this was for my son and me and she had arranged to give us one the spectacular suites!  This turned out to be a trip that my son and I still talked about, laugh about and will cherish forever.  Largely due to Emma's thoughfulness, I have made a point of staying at Marriott properties ever since.  She should be considered a jewel of an employee.  I hope to someday return to the Shelbourne, but doubt that such a majical experience could ever be repeated!  Thank you for a lifetime of special memories from the Shelbourne!!